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It is essential that the logistics process is managed effectively to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on-time and in-tact. However, once your goods reach their designated port it is the Customs process that can elicit significant delays and poor documentation can result in costly fines. Seatram has an experienced team of fully licensed Customs Brokers that will ensure that all your documentation is concise, complete and correct and filed in the appropriate time-frame.

Our Customs services include:

  • Customs and Quarantine Entry Processing
  • Tariff advice
  • Tariff concession applications
  • Quarantine advice
  • Quarantine import permit applications
  • Customs entry audits
  • Import GST/ tax advice
  • Import food advice
  • Export documentation (commercial invoices etc)

We offer expert Customs advice and assist with complex Customs documentation such as declarations, invoices and other shipping documents to ensure swift clearance of your goods. Oversights on documentation can prove costly and Seatram Customs Brokers will guarantee that you meet all legal requirements and avoid expensive fines and delays. Our Customs agents are well acquainted with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) to ensure that they remain updated on any changes to import and export regulations. We provide expert advice to clients wishing to import goods to Australia or export goods to other worldwide ports.

Contact our licensed Customs Brokers today for Customs Clearance advice and discuss your freight requirements at the same time.

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